Commercial Description:

Following over a year of development, testing and tasting, we’re excited to introduce Easy Sport, a beer brewed for runners, cyclists, hikers, pickleball players, karate masters, yogis, disc golfers, ball golfers, yard mowers, jazzercisers and people who are just plain thirsty.

Easy Sport is a refreshing, super drinkable, bright ale with a hint of tangerine. Beginning with a simple, easy-drinking blonde ale recipe, we add electrolytes to an extended mash and again during the boil to create a super dry, perfectly balanced beer. At the end of fermentation, we add more electrolytes and a touch of tangerine peel resulting in a slightly tart, subtly salty, all-natural, low calorie, carb-conscious beer.

$9.99 @ Plaza Liquor | 12oz. 6pk Cans | 4.1% ABV |  IBU 9

Style: American Blonde Ale

Malt Bill: Pale Malt

Hops: Columbus and Mandarina Bavania

Adjuncts: Potassium, Magnesium, and Sea Salt


Rate Beer: N/A Overall/N/A Style

Beer Advocate: N/A

Untapped: 3.36/5