Welcome to the all new Plaza Liquor, located on Belleview Avenue right off the Plaza! We are Kansas City’s first full service liquor emporium, meaning, not only do we sell liquor for every price point, but we also provide all the means to give the perfect gift of beer, wine or liquor with our stock of cards for all occasions and gift wrapping services. The building that was formerly Berbiglia Wine & Spirits, was massively renovated into our own new and improved store, featuring the private stock room.

Along with our new changes, we’re also proud to announce that upon opening, Plaza Liquor officially has the largest selection of cold beer in all of Kansas City. If you’re looking for other options, we also have a private stock room with top of the line liquor and wine selections for those special occasions.

For all the wine and beer lovers out there, we will host wine and beer tastings of our selections so you can find the perfect drink for you, or the perfect gift for someone you know. Coming soon, we’ll have even more products and services for all our customers to choose from.

Come visit the brand new Plaza Liquor today and talk with our knowledgeable team members who all have specialty information to answer your questions. Our broad selection of fine wines, liquor and spirits will be your new favorite all-in-one stop for every occasion that calls for celebration!