martin city hardway ipaThursday April 20th
4 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Join us for the first of two evenings of tasting this week as we start off this week’s proceedings with beers from one of our hometown favorites, MARTIN CITY BREWING CO. who’ll be bringing these beers for you to try:

HARDWAY IPAAn American East Coast IPA that’s dry hopped three times to give it a complexity of strong citrus flavors with a touch of toasted malts.

BELGIAN BLONDE – light and easy-drinking blonde made with a blend of rye malt and Saaz hops to give it some spicy notes and dry hopped to give it a delicate floral and spicy aroma.

BELGIAN ABBEY ALE – a velvety and full bodied Dubbel-style ale that offers flavors of Belgian yeast spice, toffee, and nutty malts.

SIDEWAY EVERYDAY AMERICAN ALE – a new offering from them, this session ale combines delicate biscuit-like maltiness  with citrusy American hops for an easy-drinking balance.

COMING UNDONE – a Belgian-style wild ale aged for over 3 months in a combination of brandy and pinot noir barrels gives it touches of grape, raspberry and plum flavors combined with a wild yeastiness.

oskar blues dale's paleFriday April 21st
4 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Join us as we kick off the weekend with a selection of adult beverages to tantalize your tastebuds. We’ll start off with this assortment of beers from OSKAR BLUES BREWERY out of Colorado:

PINNER – Dry-hopping with several different heady hops, including a killer experimental variety, gives PINNER this tropical, stoned fruit aroma with hints of pine and smooth malt in the flavor.

DALE’S PALE ALE – Delivers a hoppy nose and assertive-but-balanced flavors of pale malts and citrusy floral hops from start to finish.

MAMA’S LITTLE YELLA PILS – Unlike mass market‚ “pilsners‚” diluted with corn and rice, Mama’s is built with 100% pale malt, German specialty malts, and Saaz hops.

Tom's Town liquorsFor the liquor, we’ll be tasting all the spirits available from our local TOM’S TOWN DISTILLERY (located over on Main St.). This a great opportunity for you to sample these premium liquors:

PENDERGAST’S ROYAL GOLD BOURBON – this 90 Proof Bourbon offers a rich warmth with a smooth and well-balanced flavor, finished in hand-selected 14-year-old port casks.

McELROY’S CORRUPTION GIN – this 90 Proof favorite  is a complex, spicy and botanical New Western style gin.

ELI’S STRONGARM VODKA – one of the best out there, this is a pure, smooth and imposing vodka, distilled 16 times.

FICHE BATAnd for the wines, our sterling rep from Appellations will be bringing these five wines for you to try:

DOMAINE DE LA PREBENDE BEAUJOLAIS – this delicious manually-harvested French wine is made from old vine Gamay grapes that blend a profound minerality with bright cherry and banana flavors. Fresh and fruity, it possesses a light structure along with a smooth acidity that provide a finishing crispness.

MATSU “EL PICARO” – this medium-bodied old vine Tempranillo from Spain delivers dry spice and earthy notes initially, followed by fresh raspberry and red currant mixed with smooth and complex tannins, followed by lingering blackberry notes and spice on the finish.

“STARS LIKE OURS” ROSE – this delicious rose is a blend of 72% Pinot Noir, 22% Grenache and 6% Syrah. Dry and crisp with nice acidity, this refreshing wine offers flavors of watermelon and lemon zest wrapped around a hint of juicy strawberry.

BRANDER SAUVIGNON BLANC – this nicely balanced wine offers flavors of honeydew melon and hibiscus while notes of lemon meringue pie, orange zest, white nectarine, and guava round out the deliciously ripe palate.