This unfiltered and unpasteurized pilsner comes from an unlikely source, one of Belgium’s premier sour ale brewers, Drie Fonteinen. Beersel Lager pours a touch more amber than the typical pilsner, with a big white pillow Belgian head and tons of carbonation. The nose has hints of baked bread you would expect from a balanced lager, and a nice aroma of tartness from the Belgian yeast. Sipping this beer brings similar interesting combinations of flavor, a bit of lactic sourness, a nice bitter bite of hops, and a smooth, bready body throughout.

$3.99 @ Plaza Liquor | 11.2 oz. Single | 5.2% ABV | N/A IBU

Style: Czech PilsnerBeersel Lager

Malt Variety: Barley & Wheat malts

Hops: N/A

Adjuncts: None


Rate Beer: 49 Overall / 87 Style

Beer Advocate: 87/100

Untapped: 3.45/5