New to the KCMO area, Central State is the only brewery in the state of Indiana focused primarily on the wilder and farmhouse sides of fermentation.  Specializing in farmhouse beers, sours and eccentrically hopped IPAs.


Flashy? Maybe. Practical? Maybe. Tasty? Coiled up like a rattler ready to strike, this beer is loaded up with the finest Simcoe hops we could get our hands on.

$3.99 @ Plaza Liquor | 16oz. Single Can | 7.5% ABV |  IBU N/A

Style: IPA – New England

Malted Grains: Indiana Pilsner and Wheat

Hops: Simcoe and Citra

Adjuncts: None


Rate Beer: N/A Overall/N/A Style

Beer Advocate: 3.78/5

Untapped: 3.79/5