Hel & Verdoemenis translates to English as Hell & Damnation

Brewed with brown malts, an English traditional specialty malt, we created an Imperial Russian Stout that has won prizes at festivals across Europe from Sweden to Italy. It’s big (10% ABV), black, roasted and complex. We are convinced that not trying this ale will be a mortal sin to your taste buds and beer experience.


$6.99 @ Plaza Liquor | 11.2oz. Single Bottle | 10% ABV | 102 IBU

Style: Imperial Stout

Malted Grains: Pale Malt, Brown Malt, Chocolate Malt, and Cara Barley Malt

Hops: Premiant and Saaz

Adjuncts: None


Rate Beer: 100 Overall/98 Style

Beer Advocate: 4.17/5

Untapped: 4.03/5