Friday Apr 13th
4 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Join us for this Friday evening’s tasting as we switch it up with something a little different for you to sample. We’ll start off the line-up with a selection of ciders from ACE CIDER CO. (the California Cider Co.) located in Sonoma County among some of the best wineries and apple orchards, a company that doesn’t add any sugar to their ciders. They’ll be bringing these for you to try:

ACE JOKER – Ultra-dry, 6.9% ABV, Champagne characteristics. Strong white grape flavors mix with red apple skin astringency and some green apple tartness in the finish.

ACE PERRY CIDER – Made from apple and pear juices with Madagascar vanilla added. Champagne yeast is used and allowed to ferment for 10-14 days. Perry is then cold-filtered 4 times and carbonated before packaging. With its lovely pear nose, smooth semi-sweet mouth feel, and dry finish, Ace Perry has won awards in the US and overseas.

ACE PINEAPPLE – Marries pineapple juice and apple cider to make it refreshing with an initial sweet taste followed by a tart finish. Mixes great with coconut rum for a light cocktail.

ACE SPACE – this limited edition cider is made from apple cider and blood orange juices (you can see it in the vivid orange color) for a delicious drink that’s citrusy and tart.

For the cocktails, our rep from BOOZY BOTANICALS will be combining various liquors in with these botanical simple syrup mixers of theirs that are also perfect for mixing with sparkling water, lemonade, tea or coffee:

ROSEMARY MINT – a delicate balance between warm and crisp, earthy honey sweetness, herbal and savory.

CARDAMOM SPICE – a curry inspired blend of 6 spices, wrapped in a bouquet of orange blossom and licorice vines.

GINGER HISBISCUS – vibrant, floral, sweet tartness and subtle ginger notes give your cocktails a refreshing lift.

THREE PEPPER – this Sweet Heat blend of Jalapeño, Anaheim and Serrano Pepper is spicy and herbaceous.

CLASSIC ROSE – deliciously aromatic with the floral taste of rose petals and a smooth honeyed finish.

LAVENDER EARL GREY – a flavorful combination of lavender and bergamot floral tastes in an earl grey tea syrup.

And for the wines, our excellent rep from Vianello will be bringing these for you to try:

CA ED BALOS MOSCATO D’ASTI – this Italian sparkling wine is soft and sweet with flavors of peach mousse, tangerine, white almond, honey, ginger and spring flower, and a distant touch of tangy spice on the finish.

LEOPOLDO I di TOSCANO D’ARIA RED BLEND – a Tuscan wine that is closer in spirit to a Bordeaux blend, this Italian wine is made up of 50% Cabernet Franc, 40% Merlot and 10% Petit Verdot then aged for 7 months in oak barrels. On the palate, it delivers dark fruit flavors of dried black cherries, plum, clove and grilled sage alongside tightly-knit tannins with a smooth, rich finish.

PERTICO PINOT GRIGIO – dry and smooth on the palate with a creaminess of texture, offering rich apple and pear flavors with a racy acidity and a pleasant, mineral aftertaste.

BIDOLI SAUVIGNON BLANC – this Italian Sauvignon Blanc is substantial with more body, weight, and intensity than most Sauvignon Blancs. Ripe pear, passion fruit, carmelized grapefruit, and white flowers and herbs open up the palate with a long and flavorful mineral finish.