Friday, July 15th

4 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Tallgrass TOP_ROPEJoin us this Friday for a strong selection of adult beverages for you to taste. We’ll be starting off with a selection from Nebraska beer company TALLGRASS BREWING

SONGBIRD SAISON: A refreshing Belgian-style ale where apricot and lemon flavors mingle with fresh-cracked pepper and citrus notes.

HALF PIPE TART PALE ALE: Tart, citrusy, kettle-soured with lactobacillus and generously dry-hopped to balance the tartness with bright hop character and aroma. Brought home a Bronze Medal at the 2016 US Open Beer Championship.

TOP ROPE IPA: Packed with five hop varieties, Top Rope has the perfect balance of citrus hop flavors like grapefruit and orange with a touch of earthy pine and lingering bitterness.

EXPLORER SERIES MIXED PACK: A great selection with Bourbon barrel-aged Buffalo Sweat, Bourbon barrel-aged Vanilla Bean Buffalo Sweat, Bourbon barrel-aged Wooden Rooster and Big Ricc Imperial Stout.

Union-Horse-whiskeyFor the whiskey, UNION HORSE DISTILLERY (formerly DARK HORSE) will be bringing their excellent BOURBON and RYE WHISKEY for you to sample. And if it’s out in time, they’ll also bring their BARREL STRENGTH RYE WHISKEY!!

If you haven’t tried these, don’t miss this opportunity! The distillery has won 36 spirits awards medals, including 11 gold medals, since 2012. In addition to the name change, the company is also now using 5-year barrel-aged stock that makes their whiskeys even smoother than before.

For the wines, our wonderful rep from Vino Leonardo will be bringing these for you to sample —

CHATEAU LA FRANCE BORDEAUX WHITE: Classic, fresh and clean expression of a Bordeaux White. Aromas of fresh citrus fruit and notes of grapefruit and flower, a great roundness in flavor of light citrus fruit and honeysuckle.  53% Semillon, 39% Sauvignon Blanc and 8% Sauvignon Gris.
Medrano MalbecMONTE MARIA PINK BALLERINA: A sweet bubbly Moscato that’s a Summer favorite.
MEDRANO ESTATE MALBEC: Medium bodied, gentle and juicy with some red fruits, plums and  a soft toasted vanilla at the end. Very well balanced.