Friday, March 25th
4 p.m. – 7 p.m.
To celebrate the start of Spring, this Friday we’ll have something for everyone to sample: Whiskey, wine and beer with cheese pairings! Let’s start with the whiskeys from JOURNEYMAN DISTILLERY:
jd silver-cross
SILVER CROSS: Equal parts Rye, Wheat, Corn, and Barley the Silver Cross is truly a medley of unique flavors. Aged in small casks the Silver Cross has an incredible mouth feel and body. They blend the sweet luscious caramel essence of corn whiskey to satisfy the bourbon fans, the spicy red fruit and pepper of the rye, the rich malty earth notes of the barley for the scotch aficionados, with the silky smooth finish of the wheat whiskey.
BUGGY WHIP WHEAT ORGANIC WHISKEY:  a 90 proof whiskey made from 100% Michigan wheat. It’s as soft and sweet as a Michigan autumn day and fills the palate full of caramel and vanilla. It’s a single smooth note with a lasting finish.
And for the beer, it’s the new URBAN CHESTNUT Belgian Brew Box variety pack, with a cheese for you to snack on that’s specially chosen to pair up with each beer:
Mercator (Flemish Sour) –  A Flemish Red, which went from brewhaus, to fermenter, to various oak barrels, to finishing tank… to you.
UCBC Belgian-Brew-Box-Wittewijven (Belgian Golden Ale) – We’ve captured the Wittewijven contradiction, quite intentionally, with our Belgian-Style Golden Ale – refreshing taste & aroma… sneaky little finish.
Geiles Bier (Belgian Pale Ale) – We incorporated a small amount of corn into the grain bill, adding a subtle, sweet smoothness to the spicy hop and yeast character of this Pale Ale, making it truly a Geiles (awesome) Bier!
De Bockle (Belgian Ale) –  (This beer though is actually pretty darn good).
A To Z RoseAnd for the wines, our fantastic rep from A. Bommarrito is bringing these for you to taste:
A To Z Rose: fresh and compelling, finishing lively and long with lingering flavors of strawberries and cherries.
Green & Red Zinfandel: Aged in French and American oak for fourteen months, the combination yields a wine with zesty mountain fruit character accented by earth spice and savory herb notes that consistently over-delivers in quality for the price. With dark cherry and raspberry aromas and flavors punctuated by tinges of bay leaf and clove.
green-redRamsay Pinot Noir: explodes with blueberry, Bing cherry, anise and toast. Even more striking is the depth and richness of the mouth-feel, like a rich, thick, red pillow for the mouth. The wine is very fruity, with blackberry characters and a big, rich, tarry and solid balance. 
Hess Select Chardonnay: crisp and clean, bright with wonderfully balanced acidity and the signature flavors of Monterey, including lemon-lime and a touch of apple.
Lagaria Pinot Grigio: Light tones of peach and citrus segue to good freshness and a thin, crisp mouth-feel.