Plaza Liquor is very proud to announce the first release in a series of barrel-aged collaborations with local breweries. Our first release will be of Torn Label Barrel Aged Old Believer Imperial Stout, an exclusive project to be sold here at Plaza Liquor starting this Friday, November 11th. Back in November 2015 we purchased our first single barrel of Jefferson’s Bourbon and began contacting local breweries to see what they had in process that could be put in the barrel for a productive rest. It became apparent that we had found our partner when Torn Label told us they had an Imperial Stout called Old Believer that would be ready to be barreled very soon.

Tomorrow Barrel Aged Old Believer will be available for sale at Plaza Liquor. In addition we have saved nearly a case of regular Old Believer which will be made available as well. Sales will start at approximately 3 p.m.

Here are some tasting notes from Torn Label CEO Rafi Chaudry:

Our Russian Imperial Stout, Old Believer, began its life as a rich, intense and incredibly seductive 11.1% sipper; having spent nearly a year in a Jefferson Bourbon barrel has only unlocked more complexity. The barrel has imparted welcome notes of oak, vanilla and light char as well as a bit more alcohol (now 12.1%), while the initial elements of dried dark fruit and sweet cocoa have coalesced into an exquisitely integrated whole. Mouthfeel is viscous yet silky smooth, contributing to the overall impressive drinkability of this rare small batch treat.

If you are receiving this email, we want to thank you for your business in the past and in the future. We look forward to sharing more information with you in the future about the other exciting exclusive products we have lined up!

Thank you,

Thomas Woodward

Beer Manager, Plaza Liquor