Fri Sept 7th– Beer, Wine and Spirits!

4 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Join us for a tasting featuring Coop Brewery, Restless Spirits and featured wines from Southern Glazers!

We will be hosting Coop Brewing Co with two year round favorites and one seasonal!

OKTOBERFEST – Taking a step away from our namesake, once a year we craft a lager worthy of extra days in the cellar. The COOP Oktoberfest combines Munich malt, Bavarian hops and a traditional German yeast, and calls for the celebration of fall’s arrival. It’s time to find a tent, fill your stein, prost, yodel and polka!

F5 IPA –A straightforward malt body supports the distinctive bouquet of Columbus and Falconers Flight hops that impart citrus, grapefruit and pine notes characteristic of the West Coast style.  F5 is a belligerent hop reckoning.

SPARE RIB PALE ALE – Big on late-hopped flavor, easy on bitterness, our American Pale Ale has a heaping portion of Columbus and Amarillo hops added after it leaves the brewhouse. Share this refreshing gas station beer with your nearest companion.



Enjoy a selection of spirits from local distillery Restless Spirits!

STONE BREAKER BLENDED WHISKEY– Inspired by the legacy of strength and determination of our Irish immigrant ancestors, Stone Breaker Whiskey honors our craftsman forefathers. This premium spirit is a blend of four-year finished imported Irish whiskey and our very own malt whiskey twice distilled in traditional pot stills.

SONS OF ERIN IRISH WHISKEY- Irish folklore suggests that Erin, the nickname for Ireland, was given to the Emerald Isle by the ancient Milesians to honor their mythological goddess Ériu.

GULLY TOWN SINGLE MALT WHISKEY – The bluffs along the mighty Missouri River are the very backbone of Kansas City’s great history. Our Irish forefathers carved a life and city out of these rocky walls. It was hard but it was home. It was Gullytown. In the 150 years since that time, we have striven to rise above that life. One thing is certain: We will never forget the climb.

DUFFYS RUN VODKA – A good Irishman never shies from hard work or a quality spirit, and the 57 who laid the tracks of the famous Duffy’s Cut are no exception. They stopped at nothing to complete their treacherous task, and now, almost two centuries later, we’ve put the same dedication into our hard-working vodka. In every way, it is inspired by the machines and men who kept our nation moving forward.

BUILDERS GIN – Our Irish immigrant ancestors have taught us that you can’t build anything that will stand the test of time without a strong foundation. That’s why our unique, hand-crafted gin is made from only the best ingredients around.



For the wines, Southern Glazers will be sharing an excellent selection including:

ANTIGAL UNO MALBEC– The 2014 vintage of Antigal Uno Malbec offers delicious plums, strawberries and blackberry flavors with enticing hints of violets, vanilla, and milk chocolate. Brightened by carefully protected natural acidity, this violet-red intense wine is surprisingly versatile at the dining table.

Pair with lamb, duck, beef as well as pasta and risotto.

ANITGAL UNO CABERNET– At first sip, the Antigal Uno cab is clean and lightly fruity, with notes of cherry, berry, and chocolate.  The more you swirl it in the glass, the more it opens the bouquet in the warm summer air.  The berry notes become more bold, with a touch of white pepper hitting the back of your throat, before gently smoothing out to soft vanilla-spice tannin at the end. Delightful!


DRY CREEK VINEYARD CHENIN BLANC – This beautiful wine is wonderfully consistent vintage after vintage. At first swirl, aromatics of white pear, pineapple and banana spring forward from the glass. On the palate, the wine is refreshing with flavors of ripe tangerine and peaches. The mouthfeel is lively, but rich and has a subtle creaminess.

This is the quintessential wine to pair with fresh oysters, Asian cuisine or just about anything!

WILLAMETTE VALLEY RIESLING –This semi-sweet wine opens with luscious aromatics of citrus, stonefruit, and honeysuckle. The mouthfeel is juicy with bright acidity that activates the palate and displays flavors of peach, tangerine, pear and nectar. The finish is wonderfully persistent with a balance of sweetness and refreshing crispness. Peak drinkability 2018-2019.

PEDRINCELLI ZINFANDEL ROSE- Bright aromas of strawberry, orange, rose petals, and spice. Full flavors of candied raspberry and cherry with a hint of white pepper spice. Refreshing, clean and crisp with a delicate berryspice finish. This Dry Rosé is made to be enjoyed upon release.