Il Fiore –

$17.99 per bottle
2017 White wine made from 70% Chardonnay & 30% Nascetta
Tasting notes: Straw-yellow color. Aromas of apple and pepper. Excellent balance with nice acidity and hints of minerality. Grassy citric flavors with a juicy structure and fresh finish.
Pairing: Excellent Aperitif, enjoy before a meal with light snacks or with simple pasta.
This beautiful white wine hails from Serra dei fiori, a vineyard in the hills of the Langhe region of the mountainous Piedmonte in Northwestern Italy. The producer, Giacoma Bologna Braida is closely associated with the Barbera grape as he was among the first winemakers in the region to realize the grapes true potential. The estate as it now functions dates back to 1961. Braida calls this their Langhe Bianco as it is a blend of 70% Chardonnay and 30% Nascetta (an indigenous Piedmontese variety that is semi-aromatic with excellent longevity).
This is the perfect wine for someone looking for an alternative to the typical buttery, oaky California style Chardonnay. Racy and bright with nice minerality it’s more akin to a premier cru Chablis from burgundy, from a cool grape growing region where it seems the winemaker is more interested in expressing flavors endemic to the grape without overly manipulating the wine.
Winemaker Giacomo Bologna in the vineyard.