Commercial Description:

After a successful solo tour, we decided to put a band together with our Jam Series! Jam out with this
refreshingly tart, German-style wheat ale brewed with blueberries.

With the successful release of Raspberry Jam, Tallgrass follows up with a Blueberry version of their Berliner Weisse.  The nose is tart and sweet.  The smell of blueberry is present, without being overwhelming.  Once this beer hits your lips you realize it goes down easy while having enough character to keep you interested.  The finish is clean and refreshing.  This one will definitely be a crowd pleaser.

$8.99 @ Plaza Liquor | 6pk 12oz. Cans | 4.3% ABV | N/A IBU

Style: Berliner WeisseTallgrass Blueberry Jam

Malts: 2 Row Barley & White Wheat

Hops: N/A

Adjuncts: Blueberry Puree


Rate Beer: N/A

Beer Advocate: N/A

Untapped: 3.74/5