What’s better than splitting a Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich with your favorite buddy over lunch? How about sharing the PB&J-inspired beer instead?  This lunchtime ale was brewed with lactose, with peanut flour, boysenberries, and salt added.

This special treat was prepared on the clock. Inspired by our favorite flavors found in the classic PB&J sandwich, we used special malts to mimic the chewy breadiness, boysenberries for the jam, a dash of salt and plenty of creamy, peanutty character.  Here’s to drinking outside the box.  Cheers!

$9.99 @ Plaza Liquor | 750ml Bottle | 7.3% ABV | No IBU

Style: Fruit Beer

Malted Grains: N/A

Hops: None

Adjuncts: Lactose, Peanut Flour, Boysenberries, and Salt


Rate Beer: N/A Overall/N/A Style

Beer Advocate: 3.61/5

Untapped: 3.71/5