Scarpetta-Pinot-Grigio-Tuesday, March 21st
5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Come join us for a free tasting as we welcome Valerie Dukes Regional Manager of Scarpetta Winery. Scarpetta is partnership between Master sommeliers Bob Stuckey and Chef Lachlan MacKinnon Patterson. They have a passion to bring the best wines that the Fruili region of Italy has to offer.

We’ll be tasting a selection red, white and rose from SCARPETTA WINES:

scarpetta-spumante-roseSCARPETTA PROSECCO – sourced entirely from Valdobiedenne, one of the three superior villages for Prosecco production, located in the Veneto. Made from 90% Glera and 10% Chardonnay, it offers flavors of pliant lemon and green apple lifted by zingy acid, while the palate extends nicely with a drier than expected finish.

SCARPETTA TIMIDO BRUT ROSE –  It’s bright, with flavors of cherry and strawberry, soft dose of minerality and a late brush of herbs. The bubbles are soft and delicate, the acidity is very well balanced, and the finish is very crisp and clean.

SCARPETTA PINOT GRIGIODry and crisp, with just the right amount of acidity, flavors of stone fruits, lavender, honey, lime, melon, pear, white flowers, and minerals make this Pinot Grigio extremely refreshing.

SCARPETTA BARBERA –  A medium bodied red wine full of crushed berries and plum flavors, its low tannins but bright acidity give it a wonderful balance.