Brews and Cheese
Friday, November 13th
4 p.m. – 7 p.m.

This Friday we will be hosting Urban Chestnut for the Kansas City release of their new winter variety pack. We will be the only store that currently has these variety packs for sale. We will be tasting all the beers in the variety pack and Zwickel… all with cheese pairings meant to enhance the flavors of each beer straight from their executive chef. The variety pack includes 3 stouts and a smoked bock. Here’s the beer and cheese breakdown:

  • Cocoa Cow Tao (Chocolate Milk Stout) paired with Cashel Blue creamy blue cheese. The creamy, pungent flavor of sharp blue cheese pairs nicely with a creamy, deep chocolate brew bringing the sweetness of the cocoa to the forefront.
  • Kinsale Stout ( Foreign Export Style Stout) paired with Goat Milk Cheddar Cheese. The mild, creamy texture pairs with all stouts but it’s the hint of sweet goat milk that enhances the sweet notes of the foreign export stout style.
  • Chouteau Joe ( Coffee Stout) paired with Juustoleipa or Bread Cheese. This soft, rich flavored fresh cheese is traditionally made from cow’s beestings and is served in Sweden as a side dish for warm coffee.
  • Hollermoffel (Smoked Bock Lager) paired with Double Cream French Brie. This intensely creamy, soft flavored brie helps balance the smoke while bringing the sweeter malty flavors of the lager to the forefront.
  • Zwickel paired with Mini Basque Cheese. The soft buttery flavor of this cheese pairs nicely with the soft flavors of our traditional Bavarian lager while the clean, crisp cut of the brew clears the fatty after taste of the cheese.

  Big thanks to Urban Chestnut for getting this all together. Hope you guys come by and enjoy some free beer and cheese and check out the new store!


Urban Chestnut